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Washing Machine


Washing Machine

  • The washing machine frame is manufactured from 304 quality 2mm stainless steel.
  • Washing is made continuously while the cylinders pass through the cabin.
  • There will be two loops with ten water spray nozzles.
  • Five of the rotary nozzles will have 0,35mm diameter size and the other five nozzles will have 0,30mmdiameter size.
  • The loops are made of 304 quality stainless steel.
  • There is a window on each side of the cabin for maintenance works and for observation during washingprocess.
  • The water spray nozzles are turbo rotary type nozzles with narrow cross sections so as to increase thespraying pressure up to 110 bars.
  • The water spray nozzles rotate while spraying pressurized water to the cylinders.
  • The water spray nozzles spray water with 200 angle.
  • The water depot of the cabin is placed over the cabin.The water tank is also made of 304 quality stainlesssteel.
  • The water pump is high pressure type.The pump is driven by 13 kW ex-proof electric motor.
  • The pump is connected to the ex-proof electric motor by belt&pulleys.
  • There is a very sensitive water filter at the water outlet of the tank to the suction line of the water pump.
  • There are curtains at the inlet and the outlet of the washing cabin.These curtains prevent the water particlesto diffuse outside of the cabin.
  • There is also a basin under the cabin to collect and collapse the dirt&particles in the water.This basin haswheels and you can pull it from under the cabin, clean it and push it back to its place.


Washing Machine




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