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Electronic LPG Filling Equipment


Electronic LPG Filling Equipment

  • Electronic filling carousels
  • Make carrousel having 12,18,24,36 & 42 Filling Points
  • Ex controller having backlight display. Easy to view & punch in night.
  • Steel structure, centering arms having 8 griping Teflon roller & weighting plate of   SS 304 for long, safe & trouble free operations.
  • LPG Filling Gun & Quick Gas Stop valve with 5 years warranty. No leakage during  LPG filling.
  • Long life PCB Card/Repairable for saving maintenance cost.
  • Durability of communication cards RS 438 is vary fast.
  • Easy spares available (Stock in India) after warranty.
  • Software provided free of cost.
  • Software training free of cost.
  • Quick service in all over India.
  • Data collection of residual LPG values of each cylinder & fast transferring to plantPC.
  • Ex battery powered option having back up for 48 Hrs. Fast Assembling. EExrechargeable battery back power supply & Zone 1 centralized charger.
  • Automatic Zero correction (Dirt Accumulation).
  • Insensible to vibration (electronic filtering).
  • Evolution of flow (Kg/cm2) showed.
  • Auto diagnostics and solenoid check routine.
  • 200 Kg capacity load cell (Accuracy class 3 3000d). 
  • Link to UMS system by Ex wireless 802.11 or coaxial.
  • Dynamic check weight (1800 cyl./hr).
  • VLD & OLD capacity – 1800 cyl./hr with 100% repeatability.
  • Automatic data transferring facility through SMS on selected numbers. For  Example – how many cylinders filled in shift, how many cylinders filled Over  weight & under weight in shift, how many cylinders rejected as VD & OD in shift.
  • You can access all systems any time through internet.

Electronic LPG Filling Equipment




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