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Fully Automatic LPG Cylinder Painting Unit with Painting Cabin


Fully Automatic LPG Cylinder painting Unit with Painting Cabin

  • Electronic or Pneumatic controls.
  • In line installation.
  • High speed.
  • The painting cabin frame is manufactured from steel/iron material.
  • There is one cylinder post that allows to paint one cylinder at a time.
  • Compatible to 5,12,14.2,19,35,47kg cylinders.
  • Capacity is 600 cylinders per hour.
  • There is a water curtain to absorb the paint particles into the water.
  • Three water sprinklers for forming water curtain.
  • Water pump with 5 kW ex-proof (Eex d IIB T4) electric motor.
  • Forcedly ventilation aspirator, capacity 7500 m3/h with 4 kW ex-proof (Eex d IIB T4) electric motor.
  • Ventilation canals from 2mm galvanized steel with pipe bends.
  • Steel construction platform for assembling the ventilation aspirator and its motor.
  • Three pieces of automatic air less type paint spray pistols.Paint spray pistols are Asturo K81 model.
  • Paint pump is Asturo K30 model, 30:1 pneumatic piston pump.
  • Paint mixing cauldron with pneumatic mixer.
  • Pneumatically working automatic painting machine.
  • With pneumatic pistons, valves, command boxes, etc.
  • Including shock absorbers and sliding bearings.
  • Semi automatic start and automatic working system with emergency stop push buttons.
  • Paint drying tunnel with ventilation, 5 meters long manufactured from 2mm galvanized steel.

Fully Automatic LPG Cylinder painting Unit with Painting Cabin




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