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Drying Machine

Drying Machine

  • The drying machine frame is manufactured from steel/iron material.
  • Drying apparatus sweeps away the water particles over the cylinder surface.This process is made one by oneto all cylinders continously passing over the conveyor line.
  • The drying machine is controlled by pneumatic devices which allow one cylinder at each time.
  • The air is supplied by air blower driven by 7,5 kW ex-proof (Eex d IIB T4) electric motor.
  • The air is distributed to the air knives by hosepipes.
  • There is an air filter at the suction line of the blower.
  • The drying apparatus moves on sliding bearings so as to perform fast and continous working.
  • CVT Gun.
  • Line control Stoppers.
  • Pneumatics Controlled Pushers and Pullers.
  • Filling Guns.
  • Hydro testing machine.
  • Telescopic conveyor.
  • Conveyor and Chain.

Drying Machine




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