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Conveyor Driving Section

  • Conveyor driving section frame is manufactured from steel/iron material.
  • The sections are produced in two conveying and two return lines.
  • The chain which carries the cylinders is spread over the conveying and return lines.
  • The drving unit is consisted of return pulleys, conveyor driving gears, motor-reductor group chassis, motorreductorgroup protection cage, chain tensioning weights, block bearings, waste basin and driving shaft.
  • Corner sections can be easily fixed to the other conveyor sections by bolts and nuts and fixed to the groundby anchor bolts.
  • The height of the conveyor section from the ground level is 550 mm.
  • The conveyor frame is manufactured from 65mm NPU steel and the chain canals are manufacured from6mm St37 sheet iron.The “ulpolen” 1000 quality material which is very resistant to abrasion and has lowfriction coefficient will be mounted in the chain canals.The conveyor chain is driven by 5 kW ex-proofmotor-reductor group.The chain sprockets are manufactured from sphero cast iron (GGG 40) material andthe return pulleys are manufactured from technical plastics.



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